My Planes

In 1964, I purchased my first plane, a 2 seater 1946 Ercoupe with a 90 hp Continental engine. It had an interconnected ailerons and rudder, which meant no pedals on the floor, and flew at about 90 mph. I used it to obtain my pilots license.

A year later I traded in for a 1963 Cessna 172 Skyhawk. This 4 place aircraft would cruise at 130 mph, and in Jan. of 1969 took us all the way down to Mexico City and Allcapulco. We flew this plane for almost 700 hours.

After that I realized the benefit of a faster airplane, and bought a 1960 Comanche 250. At 185 mph, and with a service ceiling of 18,000 feet, we kept this machine for 17 years and accumulated over 3000 hours on it, with a lot of instrument time logged.

A twin version of the Piper Comanche was acquired in 1987. The safety of a second engine allowed us to make many trips throughout the Caribbean. 10 years later I gave up flying after logging almost 1,300 hours on the PA-39 and in excess of 5,000 total.

After an absence of a dozen years, I have now resumed doing something that I have loved for a half century, by again getting into a simple, low and slow 2 place aircraft...a 2007 "homebuilt" Just Aircraft Highlander.

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