About me

My name is Frank Caruso, and I presently live in Hilton Head, SC and West Palm Beach, FL.  I began my flying at age 17, when I still lived at my parents home in northern New Jersey.  I have continued with this avocation, on and off, for the past 50 years accumulating well over 5,000 of logged flight hours.  There were two periods during this half century timeframe that I took a temporary hiatus from flying...early on, while I was attending college and, more recently, for a dozen years after I sold my Twin Comanche and began traveling for my business with a large motor home.  However, there was never a nice day, when I wouldnít look up at passing aircraft wishing that I could still up in the air with them.


Then, in 2005 I learned of the new Light Sport Aircraft rule promulgated by the FAA which would make flying again both possible and relatively inexpensive.   I began assembly of a home built LSA in 2006 and had it completed by the spring of 2008.  With it, and with the bus style motor home, that summer I took a three month trip to visit our Western states. I have photo choreographed that journey in this blog and you can still access those postings in the Places Iíve Been - 2008 TAB section of this web site. Now that I am finally retired, I wish to pick up where I left off last year,   to see some of the states that I had to leave off my previous itinerary.


If you are at all interested in my complete ďaviation bioĒ and flying history, you can  click here.  And if you wish to see the other aircraft I have owned click here.