My Planned 2010 Trip This yearís trip is going to be a bit on the ďunusualĒ side. During my 2008 trip around the US with my motor home and airplane I did a bit of flying in and around Spearfish, South Dakota for a few days.

As a result of my blog postings about Mt. Rushmore and the Devils Tower attractions, I received an e-mail from the Manager of the County Airport located in Custer, S.D. We exchanged some pleasantries and I was finally asked if I would be interested in volunteering for some light duty at the airport 3 days a week in turn for a full hook up for my motor home and complimentary tie down and discounted fuel for my plane. The ďjobĒ is for the months of June and July and over the Memorial Weekend.

I packed up my RV, put the airplane into its trailer and mounted my Vespa motor scooter on its front end carrier to began the 2,200 mile drive West. I arrived at the Custer County Airport on June1st and began my work program shortly thereafter.

My duties include taking care of the office, keeping the pilots lounge clean and stocked, logging in arriving airplanes, answering questions from visitors (most of whom know more about the area than I do) and running the tractor driven mower over the grass as needed.

This will give my boss, the manager, some much needed time off, although he still canít seem to keep away from the airport for the entire 3 days that I handle the chores. In the year that he has been its Director of Operations, he has nursed this small, but charming air field back from a time of poor management/pilot relations to one where everyone seems to be happy and satisfied. He is willing to listen to complaints and does everything he can to resolve them. Having retired from the SD State Park system a year ago, he knows how to deal with people and is determined to make his tenure here at the airport a fruitful and positive experience. I am enjoying learning from him almost as much as I enjoy flying the beautiful Black Hills and visiting its many tourist attractions.

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